Kuksenok Research Group
Computational Materials Design

Dr. Kuksenok is an Associate Professor at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Clemson University. She received her PhD in Physics and Mathematics from the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine. Dr. Kuksenok’s research interests and accomplishments span the following areas of materials science: elastodynamics of responsive polymer gels, dynamics of multi-component polymer blends, biomimetic and biological materials, pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems, complex fluids dynamics, and theory of heterogeneous liquid crystalline systems. More on Google Scholar

Research Areas
  • Theory and computer simulations of soft active matter
  • Degradation of polymer networks
  • Computational design of biomimetic materials
  • Pattern formation in synthetic and biological systems

Phone: (864) 656-5956
Office: 299D Sirrine Hall
E-mail: okuksen at clemson dot edu